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k30e Bowl Cutter

k30e Bowl Cutter

Product Info:



Competitive universal cutter
Removable 3-knife head (6 optional)
2 knife and bowl speeds
Entirely made of stainless steel
Strong rigid all s/s bowl
1 motor with 2-speeds
Motor thermal protected
Safety switch
Removable 3-knife head
Digital mixture thermometer
Folding plastic anti-noise cover
Sealed base
Easy cleaning
Bowl volume: 30 liter
Meat bowl capacity: +/- 5 – 22 kg
220/3-phase power: 4.8/6 HP, 3.6/4.5 kW
Knife speed: 1420/2840 RPM
Knife lineal speed meters/second: 1420 RPM: 23 m/s
2840 RPM: 44 m/s
Dimensions: 39″L (98cm) x 37″ W (93cm) x 63″H (157cm) with lid up.
Net weight: 690 lbs (330 kg)

“V” – Electronic variable speed
“V” variable speed power: 7.0 HP, 5.6 kW, 3-phase
“V” variable speed knife rotation: 3-phase, 800 – 2840 RPM

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