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Want to make summer sausage, bologna or salami in about 2 hours? This casing will allow you to do that! Very user-friendly and great for beginner sausage makers. Made of 5 layers of a nylon/poly blend. Casing must be soaked for 30-60 minutes in cold water prior to use. Airtight, so you use less water in your mix than with other casings and the casing becomes your final packaging. No vacuum sealing or freezer wrap needed. Directions included!

Directions for use: Water Cook with High Barrier Casings. Bring a large pot of water or electric cooker to a boil. Once you see bubbles, turn heat down slightly. It is best to have the water temperature at 170-180 degrees F. Place casings in cold water and soak for 30 minutes. Grind sausage and mix with seasoning, cure and about half as much water as typically recommended. Stuff sausage very tightly in High Barrier Casing. Twist and clip or tie off. Check that the water temperature is between 165-180 degrees F. Put sausage in water to cook, cooking only 10 pounds at a time. Sausage must reach 165 degrees F internal temperature. When the product reaches this temperature remove from hot water and drop into ice water for 20 minutes to keep casing from wrinkling. Sausage is ready to eat! Refrigerate or freeze sausage in casing, no additional packaging needed!

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